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CRAZI LIFE: The transformational power of Lifestyle Photographers

by J Kat Loren ::

2014-05-18 16.09.07 Every once in awhile I need a new photo for book jacket cover or other media. Like lots of women, I lothe having my picture taken. Too critical of ourselves, it seems like we’re never tall enough, thin enough, have too many wrinkles, don’t like our hair, or just have never had a great photographer draw us into a transformational moment.

My friend Toni Vasquez was a wedding photographer turned ad agency photographer and currently bills herself as a “Lifestyle Photographer”. What she does is what I call “Revelatory Photography”, purely transformational as she intuits her subject’s true personality and manages to draw it out. Her photos playfully create a crazi celebration of one’s inner spirit.

She did that for me, today. What a gift.

So much for a boring head shot for a professional image. Why does business have to be boring? Why does anything have to look professional anymore? Lifestyle photographers reveal the personality behind the person – not just the persona the person projects. They change the way we see ourselves. They create a story the goes deeper that a “selfie” ever could. They reveal more about the inner you than a basic head shot because they see into your head and capture the image of parts of you that you know exist but others rarely get to see. They shoot a crazi life in the midst of celebration.

GO beyond the “selfi” and the static corporate head shot and hire a lifestyle photographer just for fun, or for your next business shot. You will be glad that you did.

2014-05-18 15.56.05


If you would like information about Toni’s work, please email me at Her new website will be launched soon!


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One comment on “CRAZI LIFE: The transformational power of Lifestyle Photographers

  1. I know exactly what you mean, Loren. Toni did the same for me, and I will forever be grateful that my corporate shots actually look like me, feel like me, and exude me. Now I have nothing to “live up to” except ME!

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