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MeRa’s Mini-Epic (m-e) Journeys for Photographers

by J “Kat” Loren ::


If anyone knows about the transformative power of photography its Me-Ra Koh. She reveals this so vulnerably on her blog, “I didn’t find photography – photography found me. And then it healed me.”

Photography has transformed her life, releasing healing and joy to her – and through her. She started her career as a writer then became known as a celebrity photographer after her book about photographing children launched her onto national talk shows. She then took her family on the road and gathered an extraordinary social media following as she shot her them all – over and over – all over the world. The social media followers wanted more. They wanted to be like her. In true, open-hearted-MeRa style – she decided to bring everyone along who wants to join them in exploring the transformative power of photography whether they are just beginning or pretty far advanced.

Women routinely ask her if she thinks they are too old to start a photography business. MeRa just laughs…and shares the stories of those who went big time after picking up a camera for the first time in their mid-life years. And so she started Confidence Workshops for Women – all about photography of course. That and launching women into the transformative power of seeing and capturing life as it happens.

People then wanted to go with her. And she started photography journeys to epic destinations where people step into that zone that merges the internal world with the external and find a way to share their images so that others may be transformed by their journeys. Their photographs become extraordinary. I know because they share them with her on her FB page, which is sort of a confidence-booster show-and-tell site for her followers. MeRa almost always has something wonderful to say in response. Forget critiques – its all about encouragement with her!

She and her husband Brian are so down to earth, that their workshop participants feel at ease immediately as they come into transformative (m-e) journeys of their own.

Those who join her destination photography workshops move from learning the basics into professional quality photography. All participants seem to have fun and grow in confidence, discovering new abilities as she and her husband Brian give extravagantly of their time, expertise, and encouragement.

I totally endorse what she is doing and encourage you to join her on a mini-epic travel photography journey.

me-ra koh2

J “Kat” Loren is a Pacific NW-based journalist and author of more than a dozen books. She currently focuses on writing health, fitness, and travel articles.  Her blog “Crazi Culture” is a popular read among those who like eclectic topics and travelogues about odd places and adventures.


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One comment on “MeRa’s Mini-Epic (m-e) Journeys for Photographers

  1. Me Ra Koh
    May 1, 2018

    Oh my goodness, this is such a surprise! Thank you so much Julia! I’m speechless!

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