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Learning to Read the Waters of Joy: The Crazi Journey of Summer 2018

by J “Kat” Loren : :

I’ve been learning to read the waters of life for a few decades now. The brilliant beauty of sun glinting on skin perspiring during a long trek to the water’s edge. The tumbling currents of relationships. The ripples of emotion that flash across a loved one’s face hinting at what lies beneath the surface. The sudden family storms that muddy waters, dislodging our footing and sweeping us away into unexpected undercurrents. The eddies of peace. The tails and ripples that funnel life too quickly into greater pools of futures we’re not ready to swim.

But now, I am embarking on an epic mini journey to see what lies in waters beyond the shores of my own reflection.

Its time I learned, really learned, how to fish, how to read the waters of life that have everything and nothing to do with me. I want to acquire the anointing of Montana flyfisherpeople and develop a zen-like casting skill that conjures a tout to leap from river to sky. I want to pull up a behemoth salmon or halibut from the cold depths of Alaskan waters just once in my life. I want to learn to read waters that have less to do with the troubles of life and everything to do with a passionate love of living.

I’m on a quest to live life abundantly – an epic mini journey to reawaken passion and discover the joy of standing in the waters of life that are not my own.

I wonder what will the waters tell me when I wade into streams or drift afloat in a boat? Will some elusive fish, once caught, bring all the loose ends of my life into focus? Will I finally understand what lies beneath the rippling surface of my soul? Will the waters whisper the secrets of life to me? Perhaps a friend along the way will speak some wisdom I need – or an old love may swim my way. Or will I simply sit beside a fire in the woods, with a glass of wine in hand balancing a plate of freshly roasted trout on the rock beside me and be content with being in the now?









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