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The best country to retire for solo woman with dog is…?

Where does a woman with a dog, on a limited income, retire as the USA becomes unaffordable? Kat and Koa begin the journey in November 2022 to find a retirement destination that suits them with destinations still TBD.

After looking into the tax benefits of working overseas for a year solid, I started looking into which countries offer the longest visas for potential retirees who are still earning income virtually. The countries that peeked my interest the most are the typical ex-pat destinations. I’ve traveled extensively, so I understand the challenges of hurdling language barriers and feeling like an outsider when fully immersed in a culture. As I ponder retiring solo outside my home country, having an English speaking community nearby offers a level of comfort and helps with getting established in a new culture. So that is where I will start my journey – in places where active ex-pats abound. That means warm winter places.

Beginning in November, my travel plans include Belize, Mexico, and Costa Rica. Spring and summer will take me to Portugal and Greece. All I travel, you will find me in full decision-making mode as I meet new people, explore new places, and decide where to retire.

Along the way – Koa may join me on my travels and give the canine perspective on travels with Kat. Several travel magazines and websites will publish my info-laden articles to give you the best glimpses of where to go, where to stay, what culinary delights await and adventures to discover.

I am open to ideas – so please feel free to email me.

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