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From the east coast to the coast of California, the Pacific NW to Hawaii and the South Sea islands of Polynesian and Melanesian ancestry, to Europe and beyond – I am crazi about exploring and revealing the wonders of life and encouraging readers to travel boldly into this beautiful world.

CraziCulture’s blog/portfolio site combines words and images to create a vivid and continuous dream. My articles release the essence of travel dreamscapes and have either been printed/posted in print magazines, e-zines and over social media platforms or are available for publication.


Regional and global content producers, tourism marketing agencies, and magazine editors are welcome to contact me to reprint articles and images that I own the rights to. (Please note-not all images on this site are my own.) I am also available for assignments.


Whether you seek poignant travel essays to read on a cold winter’s night, or are planning your next vacation, you will find engaging articles and photographs that will spark your imagination. Keep reading…and soon you will find yourself getting crazy about life again and longing to get out and explore the richness of other cultures beyond your easy chair.

Come with me – beyond the sea . . .