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Travel and Dream…get crazi about living life to the fullest

So many places to see…so little time.

I hope my travel articles inspire you to travel and dream…to live life to the fullest. Come along with me and begin to dream again and turn your travel dreams into realities.


Mini-epic journeys:  Short duration journeys, undertaken with a specific purpose in mind, that contain an epic moment that is transformational and changes the way you see yourself and the world.

CraziCulture’s blog/portfolio site contains articles and photos that release the essence of travel dreams. Some of these have either been printed/posted in print magazines, e-zines and over social media platforms and/or are available for publication.

Regional and global content producers, tourism marketing agencies, and magazine editors are welcome to contact me to reprint articles and images that I own the rights to. (Please note-not all images on this site are my own.) I am also available for editorial and photographic assignments.