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Kat & Koa – New Adventures

Kat and Koa launch their new adventures together soon! Pet travel has become “a thing” with many conflicting stories about where pets are welcome, how to travel safely, and true tails afoot and afloat. Lining up magazine pitches now!
Stay tuned as we release articles in various print and online magazines, Youtube videos and perspectives unique to the travel industry. We hope to inspire you to get out and explore this world while you still have time and energy – in fact, just the act of traveling may keep you forever young as you stretch out of your easy chair and explore new places.

Kat is a travel content specialist who writes for various travel publications, DMOs, and specialty clients. An accomplished journalist, photographer and wanderer, she is now gearing up to produce videos of her journeys.

Koa just turned 1 years old in August 2022 and is looking to follow Kat wherever she goes. Koa will provide lots of insights about the joys, the challenges, and the companionship of traveling with a pawsitive companion.
From the look on my face, either I am asleep or taking relaxation at Kiki’s Sand Bar on Little Torch Key (near Key West) very seriously.