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About J Kat


Who is J Kat?

Kat is crazi about living life to the fullest. An award winning journalist, a global wanderer, travel journalist, and author, she graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Editorial Journalism and from Seattle Pacific University with a M.S. She has worked as a news and feature reporter, editor, and in marketing / public affairs for FEMA and other organizations.

Currently, she authors Crazi Culture articles, writes for a variety of travel magazines, owns a small publishing and marketing company (Blue Moth Media) and continues to explore her passions of wine and pearls, destination travel and wellness resorts.

What photo equipment does she use?

A Canon EOS 70D with a 18-135 lens usually stuck on for optimal last-minute range, lapel mic for interviews, mostly natural lighting, a GoPro Hero 7, and post-processing on a MacBook Air laptop in Lightroom, Photoshop, Go Pro Studio, iMovie, and other video programs. Recently purchased Mavic Air drone. All very prêt à partir.

Where does she live?

A native of Southern California, when she was a youth, she now divides her time between the Pacific NW and Florida.

How do I contact her? 

Email is best –

Where is her favorite place to travel?

She loves something about everyplace she’s been: pearling around Moorea;  basking in Byron Bay, AU; diving with sharks in Fiji and the Bahamas; lounging in a spa in Europe; sailing with Aussies in Vanautu; wine tasting in Italy, Germany, California or France; should I continue?

Where is her favorite place to vacation?

After all that traveling for work? Home is the best vacation.

Who does J Kat write for?

Besides Crazi Culture? In addition to private companies and clients, and publishing in various random magazines, I have several magazines that I am contributing to on a regular basis.


One comment on “About J Kat

  1. Laura Ruelas
    August 12, 2018

    So glad to meet you yesterday and great website. Look forward to following your travels

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