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The Fruit of the Vine Redefined

In food and wine writing, palate is personal. Definitions seem often archaic. And truth be told – I really know little about new chefs and fine wine or spirits. How can anyone keep up? So I have redefined everything to suit my style rather than pretend to be a professional connoisseur. Tasting notes in Crazi Romantic Sips and Savors are based on the following definitions that go beyond the grape’s established norms::



an illusion captured in the glass the winemaker holds up, a glass you peer into until you discern if the elixir contains any residual sugars – the sweetness of youth, first crush giving way to the complexities of life and love and age; the distillation of emotions and memories colliding into the spectacular scent and taste of the terroir and vine and blending that gave rise to such romantic wonders as you and me. (© J.C. Loren)


fabergeCOGNAC IS…

the Fabergé oeuvre of the grape, a distillation whose fumes release fantasies and memories, and perfectly blends the business of a thousand ships at sea and the nights of a hundred autumns barreled in port until they break open to the diamond crusted snows of a brilliant winter’s day. (© J.C. Loren)


royal-girlCHAMPAGNE is…

the nose-tickling joy of life stolen from the caves of Bacchus and flung to the masses as a celebratory gift that turns ordinary men and women into giggling royalty.

J.C. Loren)



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